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Table 1. Soil-borne elements essential for plant growth, the form occurring in the soil and taken up by the plant, and their relative soil mobility.
Element (symbol)Form taken up by the plantMobility in the soil
Nitrogen (N)(NH4)+ Ammonium form
(NO3) Nitrate form
Somewhat immobile
Phosphorous (P)(H2PO4) Dihydrogen phosphate, (HPO4)-2,  Hydrogenphosphate PO-3  phosphate anionImmobile
Potassium (K)K+Somewhat mobile
Calcium (Ca)Ca+Somewhat mobile
Magnesium (Mg)Mg+2Somewhat mobile
Sulfur (S)(SO4)-2 sulfateMobile
Chlorine (Cl)ClMobile
Iron (Fe)Fe+2Immobile
Boron (B)(BO3)Mobile
Manganese (Mn)Mn+2Immobile
Zinc (Z)Zn+2Immobile
Molybdenum (Mo)(MoO4)Mobile
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